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PT. Vietmindo Energitama is a 100% owned by Indonesian Company Signed Business Cooperation Contract in October 1991 with Uong Bi Coal Company Vietnam to export and market anthracite coal products.

Vietmindo has carried out exploration, feasibility study, construction, pre-production with coal mining commencing in September 1997. First sale commenced in April 1998.

Now, Vietmindo is fully operational to produce washed high quality anthracite coal to meet out customer needs and provide a reliable supply



PT. Vietmindo Energitama (Vietmindo) is the first foreign company licensed to explore, mine and market the well-known anthracite coal in Vietnam ever since the "Doi Moi" policy began.

The Business Cooperation Contract signed on April 19th, 1991 with the Uong Bi Coal Company (UBCC) a state owned company, and Business License issued on October 22th, 1991 by the State Committee for Cooperation and Investment ( SCCI ) are affective for thirty years.

Since that time Vietmindo has carried out extensive exploration and feasibility programs. Infrastructure comprising mine office, communications, camp site, workshop, and a coal wash plant have been built at the mine site and a barge loading facility constructed for transshipment of coal at Dien Cong port 22 kms away. Mining commenced in 1997.

Vietmindo is now fully operational and has a professional management team in place to develop the resource and provide a reliable supply of washed high quality anthracite coal to meet our customer needs.


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